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Infrastructure WA provides expert advice and assistance to the WA Government on a range of infrastructure matters, particularly regarding the State's infrastructure needs and priorities, to support the following objectives:

  • To assist in enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of infrastructure planning and coordination. 
  • To promote the adoption and use of policies, practices, information and analysis to support sound decision-making in relation to infrastructure.

Our initial primary focus is the development of WA's first 20-year State Infrastructure Strategy to identify needs and priorities to support WA’s growing population and economy. This will provide the strategic direction to encourage private sector investment, facilitate economic growth and create jobs.

Infrastructure WA’s functions are to:

  • prepare and submit to the Premier State Infrastructure Strategies
  • assess and report to the Premier on major infrastructure proposals
  • provide advice and assistance to State agencies in the preparation of infrastructure strategies, plans and policies, including by preparing, at the request of the Premier, strategies, plans and policies on behalf of State agencies
  • provide advice to State agencies on the preparation of infrastructure proposals
  • review and report to the Premier on infrastructure proposals prior to their submission to Infrastructure Australia
  • under the direction of the Premier, coordinate the provision of information and submissions to Infrastructure Australia
  • monitor and report on progress in implementing the State Infrastructure Strategy
  • provide advice to the Premier on:
    • infrastructure priorities
    • funding and financing of infrastructure
    • any other matter relating to infrastructure
  • review and report to the Premier on completed infrastructure projects
  • promote public awareness of matters relating to infrastructure
  • perform the other functions conferred on Infrastructure WA under the Act
  • perform, at the request of the Premier, any other function relating to infrastructure.

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