Infrastructure WA

Infrastructure WA legislation

Infrastructure WA (IWA) was established on 24 July 2019 under the Infrastructure Western Australia Act 2019, with its principal purpose to provide advice and assistance to the WA Government on matters relating to infrastructure. 

IWA’s core functions are summarised below: 

  • Every 5 years (or less as directed by the Premier) prepare a State Infrastructure Strategy with an outlook of 20 years, and monitor and report annually on its progress and implementation.  

  • Advise agencies on the preparation of, and assess and report to the Premier on, major infrastructure proposals prior to Government making an investment decision.  

  • Under the direction of the Premier coordinate the provision of information for, and review proposals prior to, submission to Infrastructure Australia. 

  • Advise the Premier on the preparation of the WA Government’s annual 10-year State Infrastructure Program. 

  • Advise and assist state government agencies in the preparation of infrastructure strategies, plans and policies. 

  • Provide advice to the Premier on infrastructure priorities, funding and financing of infrastructure. 

For further information follow the link below to access the Infrastructure Western Australia Act 2019 as published on the WA Legislation website.