Infrastructure WA

Corporate Executive

Phil Helberg (Chief Executive Officer)

Headshot of Phil Helberg


As IWA’s Chief Executive Officer, Phil has overseen the delivery of WA’s inaugural State Infrastructure Strategy, implementation of its function to assess major infrastructure proposals and is providing expert advice to the Premier on infrastructure matters affecting the State.

Phil was formerly the Deputy Director General at the Department of Finance, and led Building Management and Works, and the Strategic Projects arm of the agency, driving significant sector-wide reforms in infrastructure planning and development.

Phil has 30 years of local and international experience in the planning, delivery and management of infrastructure in both the public and private sectors. He is a fellow of Engineers Australia, a non-executive director of the Infrastructure Sustainability Council and holds a Bachelor of Engineering.






Owen Thomas (Deputy Chief Executive Officer) 

Headshot Owen Thomas

Owen was appointed as Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Infrastructure WA in May 2022. As part of this role Owen is responsible for helping to lead and support the IWA team and organisation in delivering its functions and key objectives. This includes preparation, implementation and review of WA’s first State Infrastructure Strategy, review and independent assessment of major infrastructure proposals and provision of strategic advice to the WA Government on proposed infrastructure investments.

Owen brings highly relevant skills and experience to the IWA team. He holds qualifications in both land use and transport planning, which is supported by extensive work experience and involvement in a wide range of activities from strategic planning to development of business cases and project definition plans (PDP) for major infrastructure projects, particularly within the transport sector.

Prior to joining IWA, Owen spent 7 years in the role of Executive Director, Infrastructure Planning and Land Services at the Public Transport Authority (PTA), leading a team of up to 100 staff responsible for a range of critical business activities including development and ownership of PTA’s strategic Rail Growth Plan, business cases and PDP’s to inform significant state and federal investment decisions for major new rail projects, management of land and property relating to PTA’s operations, and management of the agencies environmental obligations.