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State Infrastructure Strategy

Western Australia’s (WA) first State Infrastructure Strategy (Strategy) lays the foundations for infrastructure planning, delivery and management for the next 2 decades. It represents a significant step forward in the way government plans, delivers and manages infrastructure across the state.

Foundations for a Stronger Tomorrow outlines the state's significant infrastructure needs and priorities. It provides a long-term vision and infrastructure outlook underpinned by 6 strategic opportunities and 10 strategy objectives and is divided into broad infrastructure types categorised as 7 cross-cutting themes and 9 infrastructure sectors. It reaches across WA’s 10 regions, to identify both build and non-build solutions such as policy reforms and priority projects and programs.

Throughout the development of the Strategy and its extensive consultation process, a number of core themes were identified that underpin Infrastructure WA's (IWA) recommendations. These core themes include:

  • Managing demand for infrastructure through prevention, early intervention and pricing
  • Improving the quality and consistency of strategic infrastructure planning and processes
  • Addressing climate change
  • Implementing data sharing and other tools to support infrastructure planning and investment decision making 
  • Optimising the existing infrastructure asset base
  • Identifying major infrastructure project and programs.

The Strategy identifies 93 recommendations to improve the foundations of the state’s infrastructure system – addressing areas for improvement and best practice approaches to support the planning and delivery of appropriate infrastructure. 

IWA has highlighted the need to build smarter, more integrated, connected and resilient infrastructure that maximises value to the community and industry.

Implementation and future activities

Release of the Strategy is just the start of the journey understand more about implementation, monitoring and reporting.


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Supporting reports, documents and downloads

Supporting reports and documents for the Strategy can be found here.

For further information on the Strategy and its development, see the Frequently Asked Questions.