Infrastructure WA

Strategy vision and objectives

The Strategy is underpinned by an assessment of WA’s long-term strategic outlook to provide insight into the state’s infrastructure needs and priorities and inform the Strategy’s vision. Given the dynamic rate of change and challenges in predicting the future over a 20-year horizon, Infrastructure WA (IWA) applied a scenario planning approach to explore what the future might present, and understand how WA can best respond to a changing world.

Strategy vision - strategic opportunity areas

IWA examined global megatrends and drivers in the context of WA's strengths and advantages to identify where the state’s significant opportunities lie. These opportunities are the foundation of the Strategy's 2042 vision, driving the state towards a more diversified economy and prosperous society over the long term.

The 6 strategic opportunities identified for WA are:

  • A global location of choice
  • Value-adding for strategic commodities
  • Approaching the technology frontier
  • Transitioning to net zero emissions technologies
  • Promoting and leveraging Aboriginal cultural heritage and enterprise
  • Serving the emerging consumer class.

For further information refer to Appendix A of the Strategy which provides further detail on developing the vision.

Strategy objectives

IWA's 10 objectives for the Strategy indicate the critical areas of focus over the next 20 years. Required under the Infrastructure Western Australia Act 2019, these objectives have been applied, along with other criteria, to guide development of the Strategy’s recommendations.

The following objectives should be viewed through an infrastructure lens:

  • Support a strong, resilient and diversified economy
  • Maximise regional strengths to unlock strategic opportunities for Western Australia
  • Support access to social services and improve Aboriginal wellbeing
  • Enable environmental sustainability and resilience, and address climate change
  • Maximise wellbeing, liveability and cultural strategic opportunities for our community
  • Enhance cross-government coordination and planning
  • Support population growth and change
  • Embrace technology, data and digital connectivity
  • Enhance infrastructure delivery and develop skills for the future
  • Get the most from our infrastructure and improve maintenance.

The objectives will continue to guide the implementation of the Strategy. For further information refer to the detailed Strategy objectives.