Infrastructure WA

Implementation and future activities

The WA Government has now responded to the State Infrastructure Strategy’s recommendations. Under the Infrastructure Western Australia Act 2019 (IWA Act), state agencies and government trading enterprises are required to align their strategies, plans and policies with the Strategy and implement the supported recommendations that are relevant to them.

The Strategy will also be supported by a monitoring and reporting framework. As part of this framework, and in line with the IWA Act, IWA will monitor progress and report annually on the WA Government’s progress in implementing the Strategy’s supported recommendations.

As required by the IWA Act, a state infrastructure strategy is required to be prepared at least every 5 years.

Strategy timeline

The timeline below details the process undertaken to develop the first Strategy.

State Infrastructure Strategy Timeline



Future activity

The Strategy also informs other functions under the IWA Act such as the 10-year State Infrastructure Program (SIP), which is to be prepared by the WA Government and published on an annual basis. As part of the development of the SIP the WA Government is required to consider the accepted recommendations of the Strategy and seek IWA’s advice during its preparation. IWA will draw on the Strategy in preparing advice to the WA Government on the SIP.

The inaugural SIP is due to be published within 3 months of the 2023-24 State Budget, with the Budget generally released around mid-May each year.

The Strategy also guides IWA in its other functions, including:

  • assessing major infrastructure proposals in terms of alignment with the Strategy and potential interfaces with other infrastructure initiatives
  • providing strategic guidance on the WA Government’s submissions to Infrastructure Australia for consideration in the Infrastructure Priority List
  • identifying initiatives that require further investigation or advice to state government agencies and GTEs.