Infrastructure WA

Recommendation 13

Implement methods of accountability and coordination across state agencies and GTEs


13. Ensure effective climate change mitigation and adaptation planning and decision-making for infrastructure by implementing methods of accountability and coordination across state agencies and government trading enterprises, including:

  1. annual public reporting of progress on mitigation and adaptation actions via responsible Ministers
  2. introducing performance measures related to progress of infrastructure-related mitigation and adaptation actions in directors-general and government trading enterprises chief executive officers’ accountability mechanisms
  3. regular public reporting of the state’s emissions, the extent to which they have changed compared with 2005 levels, and estimated emission reductions achieved through implementing the sectoral emissions reduction strategies.   

WA Government response

The WA Government responded to Foundation for a stronger tomorrow in February 2023. Recommendation 13 is partially supported. For further information please refer to the response document.

Vision – strategic opportunity
A global location of choice
Transitioning to net zero emissions technologies
Strategy objectives
Enable environmental sustainability and resilience, and address climate change
Enhance cross-government coordination and planning