Infrastructure WA

Recommendation 55

Prioritise finalisation of a state waste infrastructure plan


Guide long-term planning and development of waste infrastructure by prioritising finalisation of a state waste infrastructure plan. The plan should include:

  • identifying infrastructure required by material type and geographic location (at regional and sub-regional level, including remote areas and Aboriginal communities) and considering population growth and commercial and industry development trends
  • considering the infrastructure required to manage and recover site waste from the mining and resources sector, in collaboration with the sector
  • identifying infrastructure required to manage hazardous wastes and clinical-related wastes that are feasible to process and recycle in WA
  • developing a clear implementation plan and public reporting framework that:
    • prioritises implementation findings to inform infrastructure decision-making
    • includes actions for government and industry to work together to identify and secure strategic sites and separation distances to protect existing and future waste infrastructure facilities and support opportunities for collocation.   

WA Government response

The WA Government responded to Foundation for a stronger tomorrow in February 2023. Recommendation 55 is fully supported. For further information please refer to the response document.

Vision – strategic opportunity
Transitioning to net zero emissions technologies
Strategy objectives
Enable environmental sustainability and resilience, and address climate change
Enhance cross-government coordination and planning