Infrastructure WA

Recommendation 6

Embed and support engagement with Traditional Owners and Custodians


6. Embed and support early, inclusive, genuine and culturally appropriate engagement with Traditional Owners and Custodians addressing all stages of the infrastructure lifecycle by:

  1. developing and implementing engagement guidelines that:
    • promote community-led processes and place-based infrastructure outcomes for Aboriginal communities
    • include guidance to identify and understand, at an early stage, native title and cultural heritage implications of infrastructure proposals
    • align with principles of the WA Government’s Aboriginal Empowerment Strategy
  2. updating the Strategic Asset Management Framework’s Strategic Asset Plan and Business Case guidelines to require preparation and publication of an Aboriginal engagement strategy, including Aboriginal employment targets, for projects and programs with a capital cost of $100 million or more.

WA Government response

The WA Government responded to Foundation for a stronger tomorrow in February 2023. Recommendation 6 is fully supported. For further information please refer to the response document.

Vision – strategic opportunity
Promoting and leveraging Aboriginal cultural heritage and enterprise
Strategy objectives
Support access to social services and improve Aboriginal wellbeing
Enhance cross-government coordination and planning
Get the most from our infrastructure and improve maintenance