Infrastructure WA

Recommendation 7

Strengthen application of the Aboriginal Procurement Policy


7. Ensure infrastructure investment delivers tangible benefits to Aboriginal businesses and people by strengthening application of the WA Government’s Aboriginal Procurement Policy, including:

  1. establishing targets that also consider contract value
  2. providing updated guidance and education, including unconscious bias training, for procurement and other relevant public sector officers involved in procurement decision-making to support Aboriginal business contracting
  3. implementing mechanisms to mandate application of the policy by government trading enterprises
  4. setting new incremental procurement stretch targets (over and above current overall performance levels) in the policy over time.   

WA Government response

The WA Government responded to Foundation for a stronger tomorrow in February 2023. Recommendation 7 is not supported. For further information please refer to the response document.

Vision – strategic opportunity
Promoting and leveraging Aboriginal cultural heritage and enterprise
Strategy objectives
Support access to social services and improve Aboriginal wellbeing
Enhance cross-government coordination and planning
Enhance infrastructure delivery and develop skills for the future