Infrastructure WA

Recommendation 77

Address gaps in health system service and infrastructure planning


77. Address gaps in the health system service and infrastructure planning by:

  1. prioritising finalisation of the review of the WA Health Clinical Services Framework 2014–2024 to provide a basis for system-wide service and infrastructure planning
  2. finalising development of the 10-year state health plan, including integrated clinical, infrastructure, public health, digital and workforce planning, to inform health service and infrastructure priorities.
  3. establishing an agreement for a sustainable funding footprint to support change and investment required in the health system in line with the 10-year state health plan
  4. preparing an annually updated system-wide strategic asset plan that meets the requirements of the Strategic Asset Management Framework
  5. completing a full review of the Western Australian Mental Health, Alcohol and Other Drug Services Plan 2015–2025 to ensure it continues to drive long-term system reform
  6. assessing options for private and/or not-for-profit healthcare providers to augment the public health system, such as public–private partnerships (where appropriate) and medi-hotels, when planning for health services infrastructure 
  7. strengthening lifecycle asset management maturity within the health system, including:
    1. enhancing the capacity of the Department of Health, Mental Health Commission and Health Service Providers to undertake system-wide infrastructure planning and prioritisation
    2. consistent with Recommendation 42a in the Asset management chapter, allocating budget to enable the Department of Health, Mental Health Commission and Health Service Providers to implement fit for purpose asset management planning and systems to ensure health infrastructure, plant and equipment is functionally fit for purpose.

WA Government response

The WA Government responded to Foundation for a stronger tomorrow in February 2023. Recommendation 77 (a-e, g) is fully supported; (f) is partially supported. For further information please refer to the response document.

Vision – strategic opportunity
A global location of choice
Promoting and leveraging Aboriginal cultural heritage and enterprise
Strategy objectives
Support population growth and change
Support access to social services and improve Aboriginal wellbeing
Enhance cross-government coordination and planning
Enhance infrastructure delivery and develop skills for the future
Get the most from our infrastructure and improve maintenance