Infrastructure WA

Great Southern region

The Great Southern region offers a unique combination of rugged coastlines, pristine beaches and ancient forests and is recognised as a major residential and tourist destination. With a geographical area of over 39,000 square kilometres, the Great Southern consists of 11 local government areas and has a key regional centre in Albany.

Key statistics*

Estimated resident population: 61,351

Gross regional product: $4.1 billion

Key strengths

  • Agriculture and food
  • Liveability
  • Road, rail and port access

Infrastructure directions

  • Support agriculture and food, value-adding and supply chain efficiency
  • Address gaps in social services and infrastructure, including health, education, training and housing
  • Support increased water and wastewater network capacity to improve water security

While the Great Southern region is distinct, consultation highlighted that many regions face shared challenges and opportunities that need to be addressed to achieve the Strategy’s vision. As such, the majority of the Strategy’s 93 recommendations apply to the Great Southern and other regions. It is expected that the unique circumstances of each region are taken into account when implementing recommendations.

* Adapted from Australian Bureau of Statistics, Regional population: 2019–20 financial year; Department of Jobs, Tourism, Science and Innovation, Western Australia economic profile – May 2021.