Infrastructure WA

Perth region

Perth, as WA’s capital city, is known for its diverse natural and built attractions, sunny climate, consistently high liveability ratings and strong business community. With a geographic area of over 6,000 square kilometres, the Perth metropolitan area consists of 30 local government areas and is categorised by Infrastructure Australia as a ‘fast-growing city’.

Key statistics*

Estimated resident population: 1,985,640

Gross regional product $186.1 billion

Key strengths

  • Main population, economic and transport hub
  • Leading minerals and energy city
  • One of the most liveable cities in the world

Infrastructure directions

  • Central Perth must remain a focus for infrastructure investment
  • Unlock barriers through an urban consolidation action program.
  • Influence the dynamics of Perth’s CBD and immediate surrounds

While the Perth metropolitan region is distinct, consultation highlighted that many regions face shared challenges and opportunities that need to be addressed to achieve the Strategy’s vision. As such, many of the Strategy’s 93 recommendations apply to Perth and other regions. It is expected that the unique circumstances of each region are taken into account when implementing recommendations.

* Adapted from Australian Bureau of Statistics, Regional population: 2019–20 financial year; Department of Jobs, Tourism, Science and Innovation, Western Australia economic profile – May 2021.